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XD-C500GD is the actual Compact Model from CASIO. With 50 contents included, this electronic dictionary is useful for people who want to learn Japan's culture with a portable electronic dictionary.

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«For people who want to learn Japan's culture with a portable electronic dictionary.»

The CASIO Ex-word Data Plus 6 XD-C500GD is the actual "Compact Model" electronic dictionary from Casio. It contains material equal to 50 reference volumes. CASIO EX-word XD-C500GD Japanese English Electronic Dictionary


  • Pocket size: Compact, you can bring it everywhere! NEW!
  • New Contents: More and more contents! About 50 electronic dictionaries included! NEW!
  • Autonomy: Up to 100 hours with alkaline batteries! NEW!


  • 50 electronic dictionaries: Include a lot of japanese language contents!HOT!
  • Table of "50 sounds direct input: Make the kana input easier and faster! HOT!

Language Contents

Japanese electronic dictionaries

Japanese to English electronic dictionaries

English electronic dictionaries

  • カタカナで引くスペリング辞典 Draw in katakana spelling Dictionary

English to Japanese electronic dictionaries

  • オーレックス英和辞典 O-LEX English-Japanese Dictionary

Various Contents

Travel&Conversation dictionaries/books

  • ひとり歩きの会話集 英語
  • 世界の料理・メニュー辞典(米・英・西・独・仏・伊編)
  • ひとり歩きの会話集 フィリピン語
  • ひとり歩きの会話集 ブラジル・ポルトガル語
  • ひとり歩きの会話集 ロシア語
  • ひとり歩きの会話集 韓国語
  • ひとり歩きの会話集 中国語
  • ひとり歩きの会話集 イタリア語
  • ひとり歩きの会話集 フランス語
  • ひとり歩きの会話集 ドイツ語
  • ひとり歩きの会話集 スペイン語

Everyday life&Utility dictionaries/books

  • 冠婚葬祭マナー事典 Manners and ceremony Encyclopedia
  • 数え方の辞典 Dictionary of how to count
  • 常用漢字の難読辞典 Obfuscation of kanji Dictionary
  • 日本語「語源」辞典 "etymology" Japanese Dictionary
  • 日本語○×辞典 ○ × Japanese Dictionary
  • 敬語早わかり辞典 Learn Fast Honorific Japanese Dictionary
  • 言葉の作法辞典 Words and Manners Dictionary
  • 日本語知識辞典 Dictionary of Japanese knowledge
  • 続・日本語知識辞典 Dictionary of Japanese knowledge next part
  • 全国方言一覧辞典 List of national dialects Dictionary
  • 現代俳句歳時記春現代俳句協会編 Contemporary Haiku Sketches (Spring) Contemporary Association Haiku Compilation
  • 現代俳句歳時記夏現代俳句協会編 Contemporary Haiku Sketches (Summer) Contemporary Association Haiku Compilation
  • 現代俳句歳時記秋現代俳句協会編 Contemporary Haiku Sketches (Autumn) Contemporary Association Haiku Compilation
  • 現代俳句歳時記冬[新年] 現代俳句協会編 Contemporary Haiku Sketches (Winter/New Year) Contemporary Association Haiku Compilation
  • 現代俳句歳時記無季現代俳句協会編 Contemporary Haiku Sketches (No Season) Contemporary Association Haiku Compilation
  • ホトトギス俳句季題便覧 OTOTOGISU Seasonal Haiku Manual

Business dictionaries/books

  • 日経ビジネス経済・経営用語辞典 Nikkei Business Economics and Managment Terminology Dictionary
  • 経済新語辞典 2007年版 Economic Neologism Dictionary (New Edition 2007)
  • 経営用語辞典〈2006年新版〉 Management Terminology Dictionary (New Edition 2006)
  • 不動産用語辞典〈第7版〉 Real Estate Terminology Dictionary (7th Edition)
  • 株式用語辞典〈第9版〉 Stock Terminology Dictionary (9th Edition)
  • 流通用語辞典 Distribution Terminology Dictionary
  • 金融用語辞典〈第2版〉 Financial Terminology dictionary (2nd Edition)
  • 会計用語辞典(2006年新版) Accounting Terminology Dictionary (New Edition 2006)
  • 広告用語辞典(第4版) Advertising Terminology Dictionary (4th edition)
  • ビジネス便利事典 Useful Business Encyclopedia
  • 手紙文例集 Collection of Letter Sample Sentences
  • スピーチ文例集 Collection of Speech Sample Sentences



  • Color Screens: both main screen and subpanel are in full color.
  • Backlight: you can use your electronic dictionary even in a dark environment.
  • Tab System: access to all contents like the popular "web browser tab system".
  • Font Size Change: choose between 3 sizes, depends on your eyes.


  • Jump Search: select a word and jump to another contents.
  • History Search: check your last searches from the history search.


  • Color Illustrations: you can search and see beautiful illustrations in color.
  • Auto Power OFF: save the batteries with the Auto Power OFF function.
  • ON/OFF on Opend/Closed: auto power on on open, auto power off on close.
  • Resume: go back to the screen you was viewing on power on.
  • Guide Function: some contents have a guide function.
  • Calculator: can be useful if you need to convert currencies.



Original name エクスワード XD-C500GD
Series EX-word Data Plus 6
Model Multipurpose, Compact
JAN Code 4971850469391
Release Date Oct 28, 2011
Color Gold

Language Contents

Contents Quantity 50
Languages Japanese, English


Screen Size 3.4" panel 384 × 216 TFT Color LCD
Character size - 48 dot ⇔24 dot ⇔16 dot : Japanese language contents
- 24 dot ⇔16 dot : English, Chinese, Korean, other languages
Input Method keyboard (table of "50 sounds" )
Battery Type 1 x AA alkaline batteries LR6 (AM3) or 2 x eneloop ® (Eneloop) / 1 x AA rechargeable EVOLTA
Autonomy About 100 hours

Dimensions & Other

Size Depth 87.0 x Width 108.5 x Height 17.2mm (most thin section when closed), Height 17.7mm (most thick section when closed)
Weight 175g (with batteries)
Box Content - 1 x CASIO Ex-word XD-C500GD Electronic Dictionary
- 1 x Manual with instructions (Japanese)*
- 1 x Quick guide (English)*
- 1 x AA batteries (will be removed from package due to Japan Airport new policy)
*Depends on your options

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