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CASIO EX-word XD-SX21000 Japanese English Electronic Dictionary

CASIO EX-word XD-SX21000 Japanese English Electronic Dictionary


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  • CASIO EX-word XD-SX21000 Japanese English Electronic Dictionary CASIO EX-word XD-SX21000 Japanese English Electronic Dictionary
  • CASIO EX-word XD-SX21000 Japanese English Electronic Dictionary CASIO EX-word XD-SX21000 Japanese English Electronic Dictionary

CASIO EX-word XD-SX21000 Japanese English Electronic Dictionary


Quick Overview

- New design, New OS, WXGA Blue Light Cut big screen.
- 200 Japanese-English dictionaries and various contents.
- Wide range of contents: business, knowledge, old literature.
- Draw kanji, hiragana, katakana on the screen.
- Listen to 70,000 Japanese words from native speaker.
- Powerful and fast bulk search directly from home screen.
- New ergonomic keyboard with vertical stroke technology.
- Up to 130 hours of autonomy with only 2 AA batteries.
- Create your own flashcard, colour memos and markers.

Availability: Will be shipped within 24 hours

Product Condition: New

  • Protection Case
  • Screen Protector Film - +$6.19
  • Earphone - +$6.19
  • USB Cable - +$3.09
  • Micro SD Card - +$6.19

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CASIO EX-word XD-SX21000 Japanese English Electronic Dictionary


Easy to read, good for the eyes.

Based on a universal design, it uses a font that has a reputation for being easy to read.
Support a smooth learning by taking into consideration visibility, readability, design.

Casio XD-Z VS XD-SR FontCasio XD-Z VS XD-SR Font

Easy-to-read character layout

The readability has been improved with the character layout, the margins and line spacing.

Casio XD-SR Layout

With appropriate margins on the left and right, line spacing was increased 1.7 times, which is considered to be the easiest to read sentences, .. Even if you read for a long time, you won't be tired.

You can choose 2 fonts

You can choose between 2 kind of fonts: Gothic and Mincho

Casio XD-SR Font Gothic


Casio XD-SR Font Menkyo


You can switch for 5 differents character size

The character size can be adjusted in 5 levels. It is useful to be small when emphasizing the list nature, or to be large when it is important to read the kanji.

Casio XD-SR 24 dot

24 Dot

Casio XD-SR 36 dot

36 Dot

Casio XD-SR 48 dot

48 Dot

Casio XD-SR 60 dot

60 Dot

Casio XD-SR 76 dot

76 Dot

Easy to navigate, you won't get lost
Screen design

The screen has been totally redesigned. Easily operated, no more lost in manipulation.

Convenient home screen

Search windows, contents and function icons consolidated on a single screen for speedy access.

Casio XD-SR 76 dot
You can search for multiple contents by simply entering a single character. You can of couse search for Japanese/English words as well as English examples/sentences.
You can display a handwriting panel or soft keyboard, and execute a search.
You can register your favorite contents and functions. You can replace and customize the contents, and also change the order.

You can display a preview of any picture.

Display an image direclty into the text of the translation screen. You can check the visual while reading the explanation.

Casio XD-SR image preview

When you want to check the picture on a large scale, you can zoom in by touching.

Touch the icon to operate intuitively.

Play the pronunciation.

Display the chart.

Display detailed explanations and examples.


Expression si up
Wide VGA
High definition display

5.2" color LCD screen.
A great improvementment with high-resolution display (horizontal 864 × vertical 480 dots) which is about 2.45 times compared with the past models.

Casio XD-SR screen size

Improved playback quality

New voice compression technology for higher quality native pronunciation.
The pronunciation of easy-to-hear Japanese words enables high-quality listening learning.

Casio XD-SR true voice

Suits very well with stationery.
Sophisticated design

Very concerned about ease to holding and placing, Casio adopted for a slim & flat design

Casio XD-SR Design 1

Pursuing a high-quality design that feels the joy of having.

Casio XD-SR Design 2

It harmonizes with familiar items such as writing instruments and notebooks.


Learning is deepened
Touch menu

A variety of operations such as confirmation of meaning and pronunciation, jump search... can be performed simply by tracing words.

Casio XD-SR Touch pen

Tracing the words and display the touch menu at the bottom of the screen.
You can easily check the meaning in the mini window on the left.

Various operations are possible by tracing words.

Jump Search

You can search for selected words in other contents. You can examine one after another and your understanding will deepen.

Casio XD-SR Jump Search
Pronunciation check

You can check the pronunciation of the selected word. You can record your own pronunciation and compare it to the model.

Casio XD-SR Checking Pronunciation
Color marker

Draw a marker on the selected word. Useful for memorized learning.

Casio XD-SR Color Marker
Textbook'like zoom

Display the corresponding kanji in the form of a textbook. As it can be displayed on the full screen, you can also check difficult kanji.

Casio XD-SR Font Zoom


Safe battery life 
Tough power design※1

Drives up to approximately 130 hours with two AA alkaline batteries※2. It also supports economical AA rechargeable batteries ※3.

※1 It has been verified by an in-house test that the longest continuous display time of battery powered color LCD electronic dictionary is more than 100 hours (in case of displaying the translated screen of English-Japanese Dictionary with brightness 3 on the screen, it becomes dark after 30 seconds when it is displayed)
※2 Continuous display on the translation screen of English-Japanese dictionary. When the screen brightness is 3 and it becomes dark 30 seconds after it is displayed.
※3 It supports eneloop or rechargeable EVOLTA.

Casio XD-SR Tough Power

Easy to input KEYBOARD

Casio adjusted design, placement, size, and adoptes an easy-to-use and improved keyboard.

Vertical stroke mechanism

The QWERTY key uses a mechanism and shape to ease the wobble at the time of input. It supports quick typing, and comfortable character input is possible.

Casio XD-SR Keyboard 1
Casio XD-SR Keyboard 2

Better Listening 

Equipped with a large-diameter speaker, it reproduces a sound suitable for human voice in the enhanced bass range.
The sound coming from the front of the chassis reflects on the desk and reaches the ear, so it can be heard firmly without being diffused upward.


Japanese Name エクスワード XXD-SX21000
Series EX-word
Model Business, Professional
SKU XD-SX21000
Release Date Feb 16, 2023
Color Navy Blue

Languages List

Languages Japanese, English


Display Features Touch Screen, Color Screen, Icons Style Menu, Scroll Pad, High Quality Font, Quick Palette, Tab System, Font Size Change, Instant Preview, Quick Reference, Layout Change, Zoom, Blue Light Cut
Search Features Bulk Search, Advanced Search, Jump Search, Multi Search, Double Search, Complex Search, Wild Card Search, Blank Word Search, Spell Check Search, Key Stroke Search, Example Search, Phrase Search, History Search
Audio Features Check Pronunciation, Native Pronunciation, TTS (Text To Speech)
Other Features Auto Power OFF, Bookmarking, Calculator, Color Illustrations, Color Marker, Color Note, Direct On, Guide Function, Handwritting Memo, Kanji Stroke Order, Library, Marker on Words, ON/OFF on Opend/Closed, Photo Menu, Power Body, Projector Connection, Resume, SD Card Slot, Spell Check, Text Memo, Text Viewer, Word Book


Contents Quantity 200
Internal memory 900MB
Screen Size Touch Screen 5.7 inches (5.2 inches 864×480 TFT Color LCD)
Input Method Handwriting (kanji / hiragana / katakana / alphabetical / numbers), keyboard (alphabetical / kana), virtual keyboard input (Japanese, Alphabet, Hangul, Russian, numbers)
Battery Type 2 x AA alkaline batteries LR6 (AM3) or 2 x eneloop ® (Eneloop) / 2 x AA rechargeable EVOLTA / With a computer by USB Cable
Autonomy 130 hours

Dimensions / Weight

Size D101 x W157.5 x H18.4
Weight 290g
Box Content - 1 x Stylus
- 1 x English Quick Guide


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About Japanese Electronic Dictionary

Actually most of Japanese electronic dictionaries do not have a language selection for the main menu but we can provide an English guide for main functions.

Most of our customers are beginners and after several uses they manage to use the device.

If you have any question, feel free to leave us a message and we will reply to you as fast as we can.

The English manual will be included to the box and if needed, we can also send to you a PDF version ny email.

Comparing to the Japanese manual, the English version is more simple, only main features are explained.

If you have any question, feel free to leave us a message and we will explain you how to use any function.

Japanese electronic dictionaries have so many rich contents but unfortunately the device is not a translation tool as google translation.

You can search for a word "日本語", get the translation in another language "Japanese Language" but you cannot search several words such as "日本語の勉強", "Japanese study".

You can add extra contents as options when you purchase an electronic dictionary. We will install them into the internal memory of the device or inside an SD card, depends on the quantity/size of the contents.

If you need extra contents, we strongly recommend you to include them when you purchase an electronic dictionary because the installation may be difficult for non-Japanese language speaker and your computer may not be able to run the application.

In case, your decided to add an extra contents a couple of months/year after your order, you can still purchase extra contents CD ROM/SD card from our home page.

Most devices require 2 alkaline batteries LR6(AM3) but others include a Lithium Battery inside (SHARP, CANON).

To be sure about which battery to use, please read the Specs > Battery Type Section from the product page.